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Manufacturing Digital Solutions For Our Current World

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Our Services

Bb Foundry offers scalable, dependable and local developers to augment & extend your technical teams, allowing you to get in control of task backlog.


Our unique story point charging model means we’re outcomes focused, while keeping pricing and planning consistent for your organisation.

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Our Products

When out-of-the-box solutions just won’t cut it, Bb Foundry can develop custom products and applications. Our Australian-based team of developers and engineers are highly skilled full stack developers with experience using cloud innovation and edge computing, so we can design, deliver & deploy the solution you’ve been looking for.


RecBuddy enables accountants to certify transactions and rectify discrepancies that occur in a ledger, eliminating manual comparison of data from bank and credit card statements and invoices. RecBuddy automatically applies standardised templates and preconfigured rules to lists of transactions to quickly identify discrepancies. 

Safety Portal

Safety Portal utilises image classification to identify non-compliance issues in construction imagery. Safety Portal allows multiple users to view flagged images and verify results to further train the AI model.

Smart Athlete

Smart Athlete allows coaches to monitor the performance of teams and athletes, and create specialised workout plans to suit their training. Athletes can enter their data for assigned workouts and forms, and sync health data with their smart devices.

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Blackbird IAP

Blackbird IAP is built specifically for Accounts Payable teams by utilising Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce time and cost associated with manual invoice and expense processing. Blackbird IAP tracks your vendors and employee expenses to provide insightful reports and dashboards.


Shipeze allows stores to easily select the best courier option for their shipment, and track parcel deliveries. Plugging in Freight Intelligence (FI) allows organisations to automatically scan current and future stock shortages based on AI prediction algorithms at each location, and automatically create freight movements to fill these stock shortages. FI also factors in the most optimal outcome to see whether combining freight movements can lead to cost efficient outcomes.


OptiStaff reimagines the recruit to hire process with a workflow portal for managing new and existing employees. With artificial intelligence to provide insights and security, it is a game-changer for the HR department.

Your PetPA

Your PetPA guides users through pet parenting. This app connects pet parents with veterinary experts and provides personalised guidance and advice for their pet.


Our Clients


How will a solution fit in with our tech stack? 

Bb Foundry develops in alignment with our client’s tech stack, making it easy to maintain the solution long term.  


What is Bb Foundry’s work model? 

Bb Foundry has executed various models, from working on backlogs of enhancements that an in-house team hasn’t been able to get to yet, to standalone applications. Our model allows your team to quickly expand development speed, with no long-term contract commitment, and a reduction on the people management aspect. 


Can Bb Foundry work alongside our internal team? 

Yes, our team of developers will work under the governance and leadership of Bb’s technical seniors, whilst working with your in-house team. By providing a story point driven charging model for development, your organisation can utilise Bb foundry’s development services as an extension of your development team. 


How are requirements and costs established? 

You can choose to develop your own user stories in house, or team up with our UI/UX designers and Business Analysts to start from scratch. Our BA will provide estimates on high level user stories to be executed by our development team. Development is charged per story point, only as they are accepted by your team.  


What are the acceptance criteria for a project? 

Providing story cards to the Bb Foundry team should be no different to passing a card to your internal developers. Tracking the project by cards makes the project delivery model clearer and more stringent, enabling internal and external developers to execute quicker. Acceptance criteria will be determined for each card. Bugs or enhancements will also have their own acceptance criteria.  


What kinds of projects can you develop? 

Our capability is for all development activity, from full stack development (mobile apps and websites) to AI/ML and BI development.  


What’s the difference between Bb Foundry’s pricing model and a fixed price model? 

The difference between our model and a milestone/fixed price model is we enable the client to have agility. If you decide to reprioritise and remove story cards that we have not touched or decide to stop development, then there is no cost. 



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